Gilberto Gil receives Grafite
in Brussels

In an official visit in Europe, Brazil's Culture Minister received the Paraná's singer-composer Grafite.

The meeting between the artists happened on Bruxells, on 2006, January, the 24th, at Jolly Sablon Hotel, in an informal conversation. During about one hour, the Minister and the composer talked about the importance of the promotion of Paraná's culture in a national circuit.
The composer is always engaged and interested to make the culture difusion of Paraná.
On 1989 Grafite has been on Europe for the first time, invited by Belgium government to participate in the Folkloric Festival of the World 89, as an official component of "My Paraná Group" founded by the singer and composer Mide, sister of the composer Lapis, Grafite's father.

Gilberto Gil confirmed his support and engagement to the composer's work and confirmed that he will follow the solidification of the composer's projects in Brazil. The objective is to create the "Fandango's House", a place where the people will have access to a big
heap about fandango's history ( photos, Cd's, courses, music and dance courses, books, instruments, etc…).

We count on your support about that project.
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